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Pubblicato: Mercoledì 8 maggio 2024 da Alessandro Giovanni Bertinetto

ART (Aesthetics Research Torino) Philosophical Seminar 

Judith Siegmund

(Zurich University of the Arts)

May, 27. h. 6 pm

Aula 5, Palazzo Gorresio

& online


The European claim to universalism in aesthetics and the collectivity of documenta fifteen. Reflection on the German debate

The lecture deals with the controversial public discussion in Germany on documenta fifteen from a philosophical perspective. My thesis is that statements in this debate are implicitly based on the premises of a Kantian-influenced aesthetic theory; they are contrasted with discussion strategies from non-European contexts. The Kantian universalist idea of an aesthetic common sense is read critically in the sense of a postcolonial critique. Are there other universal approaches to artistic agency that are more strongly characterized by an attitude of listening?


Judith Siegmund, Dr., is Professor of Philosophical Aesthetics at the Zurich University of the Arts. Her research focuses on: Aesthetic theories and their contribution to contemporary theorizing of art and formative action, English and Scottish Enlightenment of the 18th century, connection between ethics, politics and aesthetics, production-aesthetic theorizing, art, and politics: models of intervention and participation.


ART (Aesthetics Research Torino) is a periodic philosophical seminar organized by the Department of Philosophy and Educational Sciences of the University of Turin and the PhD Program FINO.



Prof. Alessandro Bertinetto (University of Turin). 


Dr. Michela Bloisi

Dr. Paolo Furia (University of Turin)

Dr. Jacopo Frascaroli (University of Turin)

Dr. Alberto Martinengo (University of Turin)

Dr. Gregorio Tenti (University of Turin)

Dr. Amalia Salvestrini (Istituto Italiano per gli Studi FIlosofici, Naples)

Dr. Ivan Quartesan (FINO)



Dr. Nicola Davide Angerame (Turin)

Prof.ssa Serena Feloj (University of Pavia)

Dr. Lisa Giombini (University Rome 3)

Dr. Francesca Monateri (Pisa, Scuola Normale)

Dr. Francesca Perotto (FINO)

Dr. Sofia Boz (University of Padova)

Dr. Leonardo Pietropaolo (University of Turin)

Dr. Luisa Sampugnaro (University of Turin)

Prof. Carlo Serra (University of Turin/University of Calabria)


ART addresses different topics of the contemporary debate in Aesthetics: philosophy of beauty, philosophy of the arts, theory of sensory experience, philosophy of image and imagination, and history of aesthetics.


ART is supported by:

Centro Interuniversitario di Ricerca sulla Morfologia Francesco Moiso (CIM)
Centro Studi Arti della Modernità

Centro Studi Filosofico-religiosi "Luigi Pareyson"

ART is sponsored by: 

Italian Society for Aesthetics (SIE) 
European Society for Aesthetics (ESA)

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